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3 simple clues to know when your market has hit bottom

A Washington Post article published yesterday entitled “How to tell if your housing market has hit bottom” offers a solid validation for the reasons that many of Intown Atlanta’s neighborhoods and school districts are outperforming the exurban communities that are part of the so-called “Ring of Death.”


Here are the three clues:

1. Your community has a stable amount of recession-insulated employers paying high incomes to their valued employees

2. Your community’s numbers are congruent with most rent vs. buy calculators which figure that if prices are more than 15 times annual rents, then a market favors renters; under 15 times, buyers.

3. Your community mirrors communities that have fewer foreclosed properties pulling down values of other homes

Here’s a link to the entire article.

If you are a seller who wants to avoid foreclosure, then know that the season for achieving a short sale is now, and that you can avoid “the bottom” if you are proactive…

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