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6 months = 6 words of wisdom

After a 6 month break, the consideration of why blog anymore is definitely there.

I had the busiest 6 months of my real estate career in 2010 – really between April and up through today, I have been one mega-busy boy.

2011 offers lots of promise and lots of opportunity, and between my $15,000 duplex sale in Hapeville in April, and my $950,000 sale in Brookwood Hills in August, opportunity is knocking everywhere. All over this “metropolitan statistical area” we call the ATL.

Blogging on a real estate related web site makes sense to me noawadays, though I questioned the efficacy in 2010.

2010, for a real estate agent, was a year of dynamic shifting – the dependence of our real estate markets on government and quasi-government, and corporate trust, and credit, and managed catharsis / quantitative easing, all kept the professionals on our toes. Combine that with the fact that real live human beings with real human needs come in and out of a real estate agent’s life regularly and the day to day dynamics keep a business hopping.

With that in mind…

Here’s my 6 words of wisdom for the real estate savvy in 2011:

1. “Stay put” – establish a firm foundation and adapt from there

2. “Lead” – become what you think about it, as long as it’s inspirational, motivational or educational…or else, follow, or else, get out of the way.

3. “Trust” – most people are reasonable people, they really are

4. ” Shift” – the only constant is change

5. “Cash” – is king

I look forward to the nurture and development of my business in 2011 – please remember, we are never too busy for your referrals. We help Atlanta and Decatur area buyers buy, and sellers sell.

Here’s some inspirational video from the one and only, Napoleon Hill – he speaks of profound laws – we can all better apply them in 2011…

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