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My Examiner article about how lower prices carry Atlanta’s real estate demand

“While segmenting sales by price range shows that the increase in sales came mostly in the price ranges below $300,000, sales rose above those of fourth quarter 2008 in all but the highest 2 price ranges – $750,000 to $1 Million, and $1 Million and up.

Sales increased by 14% in the <$200,000 price range and by 22% in the $200,000-$299999 range.

Q409 Number Sold by price range in Atlanta

Of course, buyers and sellers must get to the closing table to even show up on the SOLD chart…”

The Mother of Atlanta real estate charts Q409

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  1. Hotlantan says:

    I found you on the Trulia forums, where I usually like and agree with your posts. I finally clicked on your web reference, and I’m so glad I did! I love your articles (the ones I’ve been able to read so far), especially this one about sellers needing to get real with pricing.

    I’ve made the same argument elsewhere (Zillow forums), but more from the perspective that Atlanta prices are WAY out of line with local incomes. Average salaries in Atlanta can’t support the kind of inflated home prices we’ve been seeing for the last few years. Recent estimates have put the average household* (*not individual) income at around $50-60K/year, which, roughly speaking, would support a mortgage of $200-250K. So sellers need to realize that the bulk of the buyers out there will be shopping in or around this price range. It’s fine to have a higher-end home that’s priced reasonably, but because the pool of buyers shrinks as price goes up, sellers have to make sure that, above all else, they’re priced correctly to sell. The demand at the upper end just isn’t there now that lending standards have tightened and fewer wealthy transplants are moving in.

    Thanks for blogging. :-)

  2. Lee says:

    You are my kind of girl – I look forward to exploring your blog soon! I’m glad that you clicked over and as you can tell from my March 23 reply to your March 8 comment, I’m spread thinly on the web! Trulia Q&A is my number one source for “haven’t met” lead generation, so along with all of my “mets” on Facebook, I’m spending online time with real people’s questions on Trulia a lot. Also, I just started writing for as The Intown Atlanta Real Estate Examiner – they mandate at least 3 posts a week. The content is all about the data and the charts, but I need time discipline to keep reposting on this site and from here, over to my Trulia blog.

    If I were consistent, I would be dangerous!

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