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Miss Ann’s Ghetto Burger Makes Her the $1.5 Million Woman

On Friday, January 22 I filmed this quick look at the Home of the World Famous Ghetto Burger.

I saw that the property is listed for sale in my multiple listing service, so I decided that it was time for a couple of quick videos – this snack bar is a very successful “sole proprietorship.”

I like to call it a “soul proprietorship” because Miss Ann is the heart, and soul of her little place at 1615 Memorial Drive Kirkwood, ATL, Zone 6, GA 30317.

I’ve eaten here twice and waited for over an hour in a standing room only crowd, and left the premises, unfed, three times…

The burger is everything that “they” say that it is. They starts with the Wall Street Journal, and many other media mouthpieces and food-aholic burger-eaters.

But I’m not writing about burgers, I’m writing about Intown Atlanta real estate.

Here is a paraphrased version of  the listing agent’s public remarks:

“A snack bar – home of the Ghetto Burger. After 37 years, Ann is ready to sell.

Ann will agree to to stay for a period of time with the new owner.

The Ghetto Burger was named the “Best Burger in America” by the Wall Street Journal.”

If you watched the first video, then you saw my 2 minute, exterior review of the premises. As my friend Alex says – “it’s just a snack bar, right?”

Yes, a snack bar is exactly what it is. And, I’ll bet that the property is about 1/2 acre, with a little less than 100’ of Memorial Drive street frontage. Somebody built a sturdy little snack bar here in 1969, the listing agent advertises 20 parking spaces but I only count 5 or 6, and Miss Ann had property taxes last year of just $597.00…

I filmed this next video of the immediate commercial real estate neighbors nearby – certainly, this area is loaded with traffic, and if we get 2 more grocery stores “re-installed” within a mile of each other on Memorial by 2013, which is my prediction, then the traffic will get even heavier.

A grocery store and other decent retailers, are about to load up the Parkview Plaza, about 1/2 mile to the east, this year.

Right now the biggest driver of traffic on east Memorial Drive is Miss Ann.

How much is her $1.5 Million offering worth, without her?


  1. Bob Strader says:

    Lee, interesting post, hope you snag a buyer. Right now I’m thinking I HAVE to get there and try a Ghetto burger before they are gone forever!

  2. Lee says:

    Bob – I would advise you to vacate your northern environs and make a half day trip to Miss Ann’s before the end of the winter. Bring $1,500,000 cash with you and you just might be able to coax Miss Ann into a win/win…anything less is chump change.

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