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What Seekers of the Homebuyer Tax Credit Need to Know

Marcie Geffner is a noted real estate, finance and business writer and published three of her recent articles that offer lots of information on the current federal income tax credit. Here's one entitled "4 Tips for the Homebuyer Tax Credit." Here's another entitled "Secrets of the Homebuyer Tax Credit" And, here is one more entitled "Homebuyer Tax Credit Rewards Repeat Buyers." Here's my favorite item from the guidelines that govern use of the credit: "The home can be a mobile home or travel trailer that is fixed to land owned or leased by the home owner. A mobile home or travel trailer that is actually mobile doesn’t qualify." Uh, does this particular mobile assemblage account? Here is a helpful cut and paste graphic from my friends at W.R. Starkey Mortgage – they show the differences between last year’s Homebuyer stimulus plan and this year’s Homebuyer stimulus plan on an easy chart. Please let me know if I can help you get your … [Read more...]