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10.5 questions for a beginner Real Estate Investor

I often get calls from, work with and close deals with folks who want to invest in real estate in Georgia. Some of these folks are from outside of Georgia, many of them know what they are doing and all of them believe that they see value in Georgia real estate.

Most of them bring cash.

cold hard cash

Other folks, from inside Georgia and from outside of Georgia, want to become real estate investors, but want some guidance on where to start.

Here are a few basic questions that I need to know about you if you are a real estate investor.

1. what has been your experience with real estate investing?

2. how much cash do you have reserved for real estate investing?

3. how many properties would you like to invest in over the next two years?

4. your intention is to buy, hold and rent properties, correct?

5. if so, then what has been your experience with land-lording? if not, then what is your investing strategy? what is your criteria for what makes a good investment?

6. how soon do you want to make a purchase?

7. in addition to your cash, are you expecting to require mortgage financing?

8. who is your lender of choice?

9. if you do not have a lender of choice, then who do you bank with?

10. who is in your Atlanta real estate network? contractors, lenders, property managers, etc. ?

10.5 in addition to your questions that you’ve already asked me, what other questions do you have?

Once a new client gets back with me on my questions, I can then answer their questions with more clarity and guidance.

Are you ready to take the next step? Are you already on a path and you just want an opinion? Please reach out and let me know if I can help you.

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