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Why You Should Hire Me to Sell Your Intown Atlanta Property in 2010

TIME of Service as a Full Time Real estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta

Gross Commission Income Transactions and Percentages

Listing Performance
Days on the
February 2004-December 2009 $825,000

123 total transactions – 22 average per year – buyers are 69% of all transactions – 84 buyers helped

39 listings sold – 6 average per year – $248000 average sales price – 31% of all transactions

26 days on market (DOM) average since February 2004 vs. current 131 day median DOM for the Intown Atlanta market.

92% of all of my listings sold against a 58.4% unsold or failure rate on all attempted listings in the Intown FMLS

So, the first thing that you may notice is that I have helped more buyers than I have sellers.

So what?

Well, the strength of my business going forward will be based on my ability to help a few more Intown Atlanta and Decatur sellers, as well as buyers – Sellers need help, many sellers have been misled, and many sellers are looking to hire a real estate service provider who can actually produce.

I can cause the sale of property – I am a sales professional with a 22 year resume’ – The numbers in the fifth column reveal a tremendous success story with the sale of my listings. The fact that I have helped more buyers than I have sellers in the past 6 years of full time agency is advantageous, right now, in this market. Why?

1. I have intimate “product knowledge”

2. I have intimate Intown neighborhood knowhow

3. I have built a reliable network of over 700 real estate professionals who serve the Intown Atlanta and Decatur submarkets and I can market directly to these salespeople


That being said, I met with 12 sellers in Intown Atlanta and Decatur in 2009 who did not hire me – 9 sellers who did hire me sold their properties within an average time period of less than one month.

Those 12 sellers who chose to hire someone else…NONE of them sold in 2009.

If you would like to meet, then please call me or email me – I love helping people and I believe that I will help 22 sellers, maybe more, get their property sold this year.

Sellers need good help – I’m that good help. My US Army logistics career, my background in construction sales for most of the 1990’s and my technical savvy that I’ve been cultivating over the past 15 or 20 years, all combine to make me a very effective Listing Agent.

Will you be one of my clients this year? If so, then see you at the closing table!

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