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The Intrigue of Shock Value – @garyvee and @trulia on being a Real Estate Agent in 2010

Rudy from Trulia hosted Gary Vaynerchuck on a podcast / webinar today with a bunch of the Trulia Pro’s and Trulia VIP’s. I gained a lot from it.

Read along and I think that you’ll find that some of the new ideas here are way too cool to “not” implement.

Gary is the man behind the book Crushit! and he’s  the co-owner with his brother AJ in VaynerMedia. Gary rose to worldwide fame with What a story there…

Rudy is the socially adept workaholic Mr. Trulia! If you know me, then you know how much I love Trulia. Trulia loves me back in a big way.

I took great notes today and many are direct quotes from the podcast – here goes…

…The internet is just 15 years old. It hasn’t even had sex yet.

Everyone is overthinking it. You don’t have to know it all, or apply analytics to it all, you just need to apply your common sense to any platform that you choose to work with.

Don’t be scared of it.

Today, Americans don’t make enough time to do the pushups, but they make plenty of time for the root beer.

People fail because they are not hustling enough and not good enough at what they are supposed to be hustling at.

It comes down to skills. If you have skills will you make money? Yes.

Will you be the naturally gifted “pimp of the world?” No.

Get all the way in. Hustling real estate agents love it and have the skill sets required. Anybody can be the best player on their 6th grade basketball team, but not everybody makes it to the pros.

Storytelling is the most underrated skill in all of business.

The biggest thing missing in real estate marketing is video of the parks, places and neighborhoods that are in an agent’s sales territory…

Wait a minute. Please pause for a brief commercial from our sponsor – we have over 75 videos loaded up at this YouTube Channel called  Rootdownandgetit. Check it out in your spare time. It ain’t perfect and I don’t analyze the Nielsen ratings. However, the most popular video, by a long shot, is this one:

Back to Gary and Rudy – Why don’t you interview the neighbors near your listings and post the videos?

By the way, Abdullah told me when I saw him at his restaurant in October that “the boy took 48 stitches.”

Back to Gary and Rudy – All of this kind of stuff will become the standard in 3-4 years – so love it, be passionate and stay up until 2am and get things done way more than your competition.

I just like people – I give people a chance every chance that I get.

This just isn’t “The Secret.” This is not just mindset – it’s about execution being everything.

Both brokerages and agents should be crushing it. It’s a war. Brokers either offer maximum value, or they fail.

Revenue share.

What does the consumer care about? They care about honesty and they care about relationship.

Consumers will check you out – they just look up stuff now.

Personal letters and post cards mean that you care. Tell stories like “one year ago today” in an anniversary letter and people will love you for it.

Take money out of your pocket.

Subsidize with your hard earned cash in order to do the better thing for somebody else.

It’s just so much harder to care, you care by being  outrageously transparent.

I love the intrigue of shock value – show up randomly and mow the lawn on move in day.

Customer service shock value is intriguing. Word of mouth is gold. Create stories.

What technologies would you use if you were a real estate agent, Gary?

A Flipcam and a great handheld communications device. A picture is worth a 1000 words and a video is worth a million. A cell phone that can do 99% of what you need, is what you need.

Gary, if you could be a member of just one social network what would it be? Twitter, FB or LinkedIn. FB, and it’s not even close.

Why? Fan pages. More users. Everyone has wrapped this into their head – Twitter not so much. Linked In, not inclusive enough.

Make Twitter more automatic.

Gowalla and Foursquare are remarkable.

As for handheld telecommunications device, at the end of the day, mobile is easy. We are lazy, we need easy. Be mobile.

Why are the newer devices, mobile platforms and networks so cool for real estate agency? How about a “Custom agent badge” – pick up at all 6 local houses for sale – badge is geo-located. So, you know, you throw a dinner party every 3 months for those who collected them all.

Gary vomits in his mouth when he hears the name AT&T.

Be listening 24/7/365. Talking and reacting 24/7/365. Never a time to be silent, unless someone respectfully asks you to do so.

The most difficult thing to measure is love. You have to feel what’s in your heart and act on that.

Besides feeling it, what else? Give the client what they want with analytics but don’t spend too much time on it. Automate it.

So, what’s the ROI on social media? Well, what’s your ROI on billboards, TV and direct mail? How much does any of the ROI matter?

For Vaynermedia clients I work on DNA and mentality and corporate culture as much as I do analytics.

Hard to sell up. Come in at the top of an organization.

You gotta love – we live in an amazing, connected world and the nice guys are gonna win.

Transparency matters…”

I’ll wrap this up with what I did this morning while previewing property:

I turned down a $20,000 bonus at Studioplex today. I said that she should lower her prices and pass it along to my clients.

She said write me an offer.

Then she said, about my no bonus policy, “that’s why you stay busy.”

Thanks Gary and Rudy – you are two very busy people and I appreciate your time and your insight today.


  1. Lee says:

    Thanks for making this one of the top 10 real estate posts of the day on January 18, 2010. You rock!

  2. I’m still listening to the show (missed it because I had planned the time for the first show which was canceled), so appreciate your great ‘notes.’ And now you know why I started Horsealicious! XO

  3. Lee says:

    You are a massive consumer of media.


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