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Rainy Day Real Estate #30032 and #30034

Here is a series of videos that I Flipped on Saturday, January 16, 2010. My client wanted to see 2 properties, and I added lots of color commentary on the way, and at the properties.

If you are a serious buyer in the 30032 or 30034, and if you either need exclusive or non-exclusive brokerage assistance, then call me.

There are some intriguing opportunities over here for the savvy, single family residence buyer.

The capital gains advantages of moving from house to house every 2 –4 years for the next 10-20 years is about as remarkable a bonus plan as there is in these United States.

Starting at less than $50,000, investor cash capital is bolstering this submarket.

Starting at less than $50,000, savvy primary residence buyers should be all over this. Big brick ranches on 1/2 acre + land parcels are remarkable investments in 2010.

Check out these videos.

This neighborhood is loaded with unique, well-crafted mid-20th century ranches on large lots.

This house would make a sweet bachelor pad and could be finished with a privacy fence and pool for maximum effect.

This house sits of a full basement and it has 3 beds and 2 baths up the split living level – HUGE, and really well built.

Bob Dylan on the radio, driving on Columbia southward to Rainbow. Lots of real estate comments after the second minute.

Driving into Leisure Woods, Southwest of Wesley Chapel.

The perils of deferred maintenance. My client passed on this property – deferred maintenance was not the primary reason.

My client passed on this property not because of the deplorable, stripped interior, he passed on this property for one reason – the spiral staircase.

Spiral staircases are an interior construction stigma in most cases – many folks will disregard a house if the house has a spiral staircase, so resale demand will be impacted.

This video, for 1969 One Hit Wonders “The Spiral Starecase” is a reminder to you that not all spiral staircases are stigmatized. This is certainly one of the greatest songs in pop history.

You got all that?

Call me if you think that I can help you.

Leave a comment if you can testify that you watched every single one of these videos!


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