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Moving Sideways for Homebuilders In This Real Estate Market



“This graph compares the NAHB HMI (left scale) with single family housing starts (right scale). This includes the December release for the HMI and the November data for single family starts.

This shows that the HMI and single family starts mostly move in the same direction – although there is plenty of noise month-to-month.

I know I’m a broken record, but residential investment is one of the best leading indicators for the economy, and the best indicators for RI are the NAHB HMI, housing starts, and new home sales.

And these indicators are moving sideways (at best).”

More from the savvy economic bloggers at Calculated Riskhere.

This leading economic indicator, over in Dekalb County just off of Brockett Road, shows that the Greater Atlanta Homebuilders Association is trying to get out of their headquarters building…

Atlanta Homebuilders Sell Off

Moving sideways, and in the case of our local home builders’ association, slightly downward … thanks to Greg Ruis for seizing the excellent photo opportunity.

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