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Atlanta is so gay

If found this photo on Collin Kelley’s website:

ATL is so gay

Collin wrote back in July 2008: “This poster — along with others touting American cities and states as being gay friendly travel destinations — are all over the Underground in London coinciding with their Pride celebration. The adverts were created by Amro Worldwide, a gay travel and tourist company. A similar poster that claims “South Carolina Is So Gay” has brought out the Bible-thumpers and politicians who say it’s sending the wrong message. The state’s tourism board signed on to the campaign, but now the state doesn’t want to pay. Gay for pay….hmmm. I’ve been to SC many times and never found it particularly gay myself.

Atlanta, on the other hand, is one big queen.”

I spent some time on his blog and he is hilarious – he dishes on American Idol, daily!

Well, The Advocate just broadcast to the world that Atlanta is indeed one big queen.

“Yep. According to The Advocate magazine, Atlanta rates as the nation’s gayest city, followed by Burlington, Vermont., Iowa City, Bloomington and Madison, Wisconsin. Don’t bother looking for San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles — those supposed gay meccas don’t even place in the rankings compiled by the nation’s oldest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender publication.”

Here’s the article in the AJC.

I am so glad that I left the hatin’ state of South Carolina in 1987. I got to Intown Atlanta as quickly as I could.

I love that my daughter Kaylie has about 5 gay uncles …one of them inspired her to wear this wig and they all encourage her to be extra fabulous…



  1. Good usage of words…it made for a fun read. I’m surprised to learn of some of the “gayest cities”…I’ve been to Iowa City and Madison several times and never would have thunk it!

  2. Lee says:

    Atlanta will continue to reign supreme!

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