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30312 – From $45000 to $1.6 Million

I just shot a video last week in the Summerhill and Grant Park neighborhoods. My client Dennis wanted me to check out a $45,000 house for him over on Connally.

I drove back through Grant Park to get home to Kirkwood, turned left off of Georgia on to Grant and lo and behold Winston Killingsworth’s house, the former home of a Union Officer, built in 1868, is for sale – for $1.6 Million. Winston is a Realtor with Re/max with an established Grant Park based practice.

The counterbalance between $45,000 and $1.6 Million in one zip code fascinates me.

I toured Winston’s house quite a few years ago on a Grant Park home tour and it is exquisite – a gorgeous Victorian with every square inch in impeccable shape.

The AJC completed an article on the restoration of Winston’s house – you can read it here.

I toured the $45,000 house here’s a video of the premises…


Here’s a photo of the $1.6 Million listing.

Grant Park Mansion

Here’s a quick driving tour that features the few minutes between these two significant portents of the 30312 submarket…

You can read more of my opinions about Grant Park at Trulia Voices, and if you want to do some more reading, then check out  some of the Grant Park specific Questions and Answers!

This post from January 2008 features my market analysis and a handy boundaries map for Grant Park.

If you want to grab lunch at Six Feet Under and take a tour of the 30312 with me, just email or call me and we’ll arrange.

If you are interested in selling your property in 30312, then I can help you – it’s 2010, and between $45,000 and $1.6 Million folks are getting their real estate on.

See you in the 30312!


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