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Recent Positive News for Intown Atlanta

Well, we almost elected a new Mayor yesterday – that should settle in a couple of weeks and from what I can tell, the expected winner, Kasim Reed is offering Mary Norwood a position in his administration.

That’s good.

With the city in as much flux as the rest of the country and with debt piled up, projects to do, cops to hire and keep employed, and a myriad of other financial and quality of life issues, it’s kinda sorta like Barack Obama’s job.

kasim reed mary norwood

Except The President doesn’t seem to ever need a bullhorn…


We shall see…

With a cautiously optimistic outlook lets review one cautiously positive forecast for residents of the embryonic megalopolis of Atlanta to consider looking into 2010.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports today that “Albert Niemi, dean of the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University spoke yesterday at the 17th annual Bank of North Georgia Economic Forecast 2010 at the Cobb Energy & Performing Arts Centre. Niemi forecasts strong growth after 2012, and Georgia will become one of the nation’s Top Five or Six states in terms of economic growth through 2030.

Georgia is also favorably positioned for a return of a manufacturing base; one that is more diverse, as shown by the opening of the Kia Motors plant in West Point and the position of a manufacturing plant by NCR Corp.

Atlanta and Dallas, Texas will be among the nation’s rising stars for the next two decades.”

I lived in Dallas back in the early 1990’s and I saw it coming – in many ways, the DFW metroplex is 20 years ahead of Atlanta at cleaning up their messes, in my opinion.

Good forecast nonetheless!

Here’s three pieces of forward thinking advice from me:

1. Just stick with your talent – put it to work. If you don’t know what it is, then don’t get depressed. Find help and keep at it!

2. If you have enough capital, buy some real estate or trade up in the next few years. Buy vacation property. Refinance your debts. 2010 will have opportunities that are different from 2012 and 2015, but each year ahead will have terrific buy opportunities in different submarkets. 2023-2025 will be a great time to sell!

3. Seek a win /win with today or tomorrow’s buyer, or else do not attempt to sell for the next 3-5 years. Win / win or no deal. Find a compelling reason to sell, even if you are short. Find a compelling reason to sell, or else do not attempt to do so…

Yours in cautious optimism,



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