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How To Move Your Home in a Tough Intown Atlanta Market

Back in November, I came across this article written by Jessica Rao on It’s very well written and I decided to look up Jessica – she’s on LinkedIn! She owns a PR firm. Lives in NYC – seems like a really cool girl, and she’s a very good writer.

Jessica Rao

She writes occasionally for and I hope that some of you get as much from it as I did…some of you that need to get your houses sold in 2010.

I’m offering my assistance to Intown Atlanta and Decatur sellers, everyday. Please let me know if I can help you with some street by street reality checking.

In the meantime – check out Jessica’s article, featuring sage advice like this:

“…If your price is not competitive with short sales and foreclosures, in many markets it might not get shown at all…look at pending sales. These will become the comparable sales. Even though they don’t say the exact sale price, you can make an educated guess or find out from the listing agent.”

Don’t miss the 12 slide presentation with a solid topline review for any seller!

2010 will be another difficult year for most Intown Atlanta and Decatur sellers, because I believe that more than 50% will fail to sell, once again.

I study pending sales regularly. Most 2010 sellers will never make this list.

Here’s the 411 on the reasons behind why I believe that…

• Out of every 100 finalized listings, 58 failed to sell and 42 sold

• Of the 42 sold listings, 28 (66%) required a price reduction, when listing prices from previous listing periods are included, in order to attract a Buyer

• Therefore, if 58 failed due to overpricing and another 28 required a price reduction in order to sell, 86 out of every 100 listings were initially overpriced in 3Q 2009, resulting either in no sale, or a sale at a much-reduced price after a much-longer listing period

There are still too many attempts – too many listings, and not enough getting to closing.

Here’s the “Mother of All Intown Atlanta Real estate Charts” to offer some graphic representation…

The mother of all Intown Atlanta real estate charts Q309

I believe one other thing – I believe that I will help about 22-25 Intown Atlanta and Decatur property owners with the listing and sale of their property next year. I know that my buyer agency pipeline is already at about 15-16 buyer clients for 2010 purchases.

This process does not have to be difficult. If you have a compelling reason to sell, then there are smart buyers who will know your value when they see it.

Please call me if you would like to meet with me about your particular real estate needs, and I will do everything within my power to cause your Intown Atlanta or Decatur sale.

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