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Get Outta Town for the “4 Best Real Estate Investments for 2010″

I do not want to end the year without posting something significant…

I could have listed all of the best concerts that I saw, or I could have made witty remarks about the calamity and befuddlement of 2009, or deeply passionate remarks about sticking to your goals and maintaining a positive attitude about the economy, but instead I refer you to an interesting article by the intrepid folks at The Daily Reckoning.

If you are considering an Intown Atlanta or Decatur purchase or sale in 2010, then there are some principles of basic, smart investing that you can glean from this article, so it is worth reading.

If you are seeking a second property, or another vacation investment, or a unique primary residence or investment that is poised for appreciation, then this article is an eye opener.

The author, Ronan McMahon, “scours the globe to find the most unique and value-oriented real estate opportunities.”

He identifies the following 4 places for the “Best Real Estate Investments for 2010.”

1. The Coast of Northern Brazil - “This spectacular region boasts some of the world’s most glorious beaches. And now that Brazil will be hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, the country is committing itself to large-scale infrastructure projects. All these factors should combine to boost the already-increasing property prices in Northeast Brazil.”

north coast of brazil

2. Distressed pre-construction properties in Europe “I’m focused on my three golden rules:

* Buy quality (location, construction, amenities, and fit-out).

* Don’t take on any construction risk; buy completed units.

* Don’t take on any project risk; make sure, for instance, that the condominium is functioning. You don’t want to be one of 10 owners in a 100-unit condominium.

I wouldn’t consider any distressed deal that doesn’t tick all three boxes. So where should you look?

…UK, Spain, and Portugal…”

Portugal pad

3. Costa Rica’s Suddenly Accessible Southern Zone - “Anything that improves the accessibility of a piece of property increases its value – roads, bridges, airports, etc.

In 1983, IL (International Living) first recommended Northern Costa Rica. Those who followed IL’s recommendation saw their investments increase 8-, 10- or even 12-fold. Today there is another Costa Rica play. History might just repeat itself.”

costa rica poolside

4. Uruguay’s Secret Beach Hideaway: Rocha – “Uruguay rarely makes the headlines. There are no natural disasters and the crime rate is low. It’s safe, stable, and cultured. The infrastructure, from modern airports to roads, is first class.

The country goes quietly and successfully about its business. Last year it made headlines with GDP growth of 8.9%, compared to 1.1% in the States. Uruguay isn’t burdened with debt. Montevideo’s largest shopping mall plans a $100-million expansion, adding to the 200 stores already open.”


Read the entire 2 part article here and here.

There is a lot to learn when you are making your first purchase, or your next purchase – the opportunities ahead have pitfalls and the opportunities ahead have upsides. Knowing the difference between the two is relatively simple if you focus and get hyper-local.

Knowing that difference, and knowing the smart moves, will make your real estate assets better performers.

We are not expecting a remarkably robust “next ten years.” However, primary residence ownership can be one of the best investment vehicles for you and your family, still…

And, a vacation home, almost anywhere, purchased right now, is about as favorable an investment as you can possibly conceive.

Buy low now…enjoy 20 years worth of cool vacations at your personal favorite destination of choice…sell it in 2030 when the market is more stable.

Knowing the fundamentals of real estate in Intown Atlanta and Decatur, from good schools to good roads to shopping amenities and safe streets, means that you know the fundamentals.

The fundamentals apply anywhere.

Check out these articles, think outside the box a little and realize that you control your own destiny. Get your real estate on in 2010!!!

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