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And The Cradle Will Rock…

There is something about Diamond Dave and this band in 1980 that is simply hard to watch, especially when they are lip synching, but I am strangely drawn to it.

Hearing this song today inspires a segue into a conversation about where we are today in America.

The song is about a kid growing up and “being a disappointment to his parents, I would guess it’s nothing more than a symbol of a childhood gone astray. Like in a rocky childhood or a rocky relationship. It just didn’t turn out as good as the parents were hoping.”

Is the “next generation” ready to rock?

They better be.

Because it just didn’t turn out as good as the parents were hoping.

And, hope is not a strategy.

So, if you do not rock, then you had better start fixin’ to rock.

My daughter is ready to rock. She will change the world – she already has.


“And the cradle will rock. And I say rock on…”


  1. Erik says:

    Rule of thumb…listen to Van Halen, don’t watch. That is a disturbing outfit Diamond Dave is wearing. The only vid of VH I like is ‘Hot for Teacher’ for obvious reasons. The article rocks though…I am ready to Rock and my children will be too.

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