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The “Art” of Adair Park

There’s a saying in the real estate business that states: “pricing is an art, a science and a skill.”

This video and the following comments about Intown Atlanta’s Adair Park are not just the rainy day ramblings of a dude who did not shave.

I’ve just watched one particular Adair Park property drop in sellable value from $150,000 to $35,000 in 2 years, and this video tells you the story…

So, recently the City of Atlanta put a cool new sculpture in Adair Park, but that is about the most beautiful investment anyone is making in Adair Park, lately.

Somewhere around 2006, the “disinvestment” and “mortgage fraud” trends hit the 30310 zip code…HARD.

30310 had and has the distinguishing weakness of real estate speculation gone haywire.

Houses that would have sold for $150000 in 2007, now will not sell for more than $50000…

You really should check out Historic Adair Park’s website – the Adair real estate dynasty of the early 20th century built an accessible, middle class neighborhood. If that’s what you are looking for, then look no further!

The good news is coming in a decade or two – “Murphy Crossing” at the proposed Beltline and MARTA crossing near the West End, will be the “Lindbergh” of the Southside. It’s all here on this detailed Beltline map of the SW side of Intown Atlanta…

So if you want to live in classic Morningside style and era Brick Tudors, or well built 20th century craftsman style bungalows, less than 10 minutes from Midtown, then check out Adair Park, Sylvan Hills, Capitol View and Perkerson Park.

Try to live near the parks, on a quiet tree lined street, and away from the major roads and railroad lines.

Nearby, on the way to Turner Field, Mechanicsville and Pittsburgh are much more blighted, but improving. They seem more compromised by rail and highway, so be concious of those neighborhoods if you are seeking property down this way.

Regardless, for $25,000 to $50,000, there are some pretty cool options for first time, sweat equity, value buyers.

Get Your Real Estate On just 10 minutes from Midtown – FHA 203K loans and cash offers, widely accepted!

Sellers – if you need help, please call me. Short sales are in season at every bank – in 2010, the season will continue.

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