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Don’t Sweat The REO Technique, Whiner

I just answered this Trulia Voices question.

The question is about how a mortgage-funded buyer who got beat by a cash buyer on a Suntrust REO purchase and sale, was wondering if they might be “paranoid.”

Suntrust REO: We bid 25K over the asking price on a property. They asked for our highest and best twice, and we gave it. Last week, we found out we had the highest bid, but the next highest bid was a cash bid for 10K less. We waited another whole week, even telling Suntrust we would take out a mortgage with them. Today, the property was relisted on MLS for $10k less than it was listed for when we bid. Tonight we got a fax saying it was sold. Is something going on, or am I just being paranoid?


Part of my answer included this advice:

“Highest” and “best” are distinct and subjective to every “arms length” real estate transaction.

If you encounter Suntrust again, don’t sweat the technique, whiner.”

The Trulia Voices web reference includes a 90+ page Scribd article that I found that offers one of the most  tremendous amounts of information, references and knowhow regarding “Distressed Property Investing” that I have ever read.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood – this article goes a long way towards understanding REO purchasing technique.

And, don’t forget what I told this Trulia Voice:

“Banks pay people to evaluate their collateral and they make informed loss mitigation decisions, everyday.

Cash is winning about 40% or so of all real estate transactions right now, I believe.”

This is what Eric B. and Rakim would advise:

“I speak indiscreet cause talk is cheap…

…Classical too intelligent to be radical
Masterful, never  irrelevant: mathematical…

It’s cool when you freak to the beat
But don’t sweat the technique…”

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