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To Life, 1598 Liberty Avenue and the Pursuit of Happiness

Joan Holloway

For me, Office Manager Joan Holloway on Mad Men is just one of my pursuits of happiness…

So, if you hang around Keller Williams Realty long enough, you ingrain a Mission, a Vision, your Values, your Goals, and your Beliefs into your real estate agency business.

Sometimes, among some agents, it’s all talk and no action. It’s lots of classes and limited application in the field.

But, the 80/20 rule applies and the 80/20 rule reveals that most, 80%, fail in real estate agency.


The washout rate is 50% a year.

Replenishment of the ranks is less frequent now, but talent arrives every week – young and old, rich and poor…some with brainpower, some, not so much.

But 20% are always going to do 80% of the business. That’s sales.

I started the Intown Insider blog on January 1, 2007 and since then, my business has changed for the better.

The title, the headline, states: “To life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…” kind of like a stake in the ground marking my property.

I just helped a client who lives in California sell his first Georgia property on Monday and then on Friday make his next offer on 1598 Liberty Avenue.

The street name has been resonating with me in a positive way all week!

Just so the world knows, we want to close a week from today, as is and with all cash. I make a 2.5% commission and we drive on to the next one.

If I had a few more clients willing to write cash offers like that, I believe that I could do about 15-16 more transactions, in addition to about 12-13 others, before the end of this year.

He’s going to buy 10 or more properties before the end of the year.

If a few of you out there want to join him, then earning your business would be a definite pursuit of happiness for me.

If a few of you out there are thinking about buying houses with cash, then know that I offer a Non-Exclusive Agency Agreement and some brainpower with Intown Atlanta and Decatur properties.

Call me.


  1. Ree Hawkins says:

    Hi, Lee Your email was very timely as we are in Atlanta right now. Will be working with a group of other investors tomorrow, Wednesday, but will be on our own Thursday and would like to get together with you. Give me a call on my cell phone tomorrow and we can arrange a time for Thursday. My cell is 503-313-3885.
    Looking forward to meeting you and getting some things rolling.

    Ree and Charles

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