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My card says real estate agent, not fortune teller…

Since my job is to be a professional real estate “salesperson”, that’s what the license says, I decided to do some basic things in August that should yield better sales results for my clients and I.

4 closings is a good start.

This also means 3 basic day to day things – 7 personal phone calls a day to past clients and to personal friends that I do not speak with everyday, 5 personal notes a day to past clients and friends, and one solitary blog post, properly distributed.

How hard is that? I make it hard.

Yet, today was a good day, I hit my numbers, but the only blog post that I can get out is going to be this long text heavy thing.

It’s information rich, but it’s copy/pasted from my two hours worth of “tweeting” at a second quarter 2009 metro Atlanta real estate stats presentation led today by Shaun Rawls and Jeri Moran.

This is what Twitter does for me – simple statements that speak volumes…here are the tweets in reverse:

My card says real estate agent not fortune teller.

We are at the low point of a ten year cycle, which is part of a
measurable 80 year cycle.

The first quarter of 2009 was probably our lowest point. How will
we look on Groundhog Day in March 2010?

It’s a fabulous time to prospect for expireds.

Overall market 15% decrease in number sold vs. Q208.

Metro ATL 08 and 09 worsts: November 2008 18 months supply.

Metro ATL worsts of 08&09 only 1747 solds in January 2009.

Metro ATL worsts: 39532 actives in June 08.

June stats=30277 actives, 3125 sold, 9.7 months supply.

If you are emotionally attached to the result, then you are

Correctly priced = 96.8% of list and sold in 24 days on market.

Of the 41 sold out of 100, 31 only sold with a reduction, therefore
90 out of 100 listings are overpriced.

For every 100 listings, 59 will fail, and 41 will sell. Coming up!

Listing price by status tells one thing to sellers-be priced under the
last sold or pending sale. Best guarantee of success.

All sales for Q209 = 81.4% median Sales price v. List, and 171
days on market average.

Failed listings percentage was 71.3% now just 59.3%. Good sign.
Biggest drop in 2 years.

So, you really don’t have to sell, huh? Well, how do you like being “disadvantaged?”

At $1M+, It’s either a 76 day price or a 511 day price, or No sale
at all.

Right price, you get an average of 96.9% of OLP and just 24

Intown #1 is Remax, then KW, then C. Banker, theeeenn Harry N,
then ankle biter solid source.

74% of all listings needed a price reduction in order to sell.

171 days on market average. Almost 500 if over $1M.

81% of Q209 foreclosures sold were never on the market ever

Buyers-if you want to buy a foreclosure, then be prepared for a
multiple offer situation.

OLP’s of foreclosures are set way too high and are not in line with
market pricing.

Sellers are getting 81.4% of OLP, often after multiple listing

How are resales adjusting vs. New construction? Builders/banks
are moving inventory!

Median prices in June 09 have only now reached those of
September 08.

January and February were the worst of times.

When will the condo vs. Single family price “spread” spread up to
$50000 again? 5 years?

Decline in condo price is further than single family, so what does
the future look like?

Average condo price 145. Average for house 169. As long as it’s
this close in difference, why buy a condo?

Resale over $1M down over 50%

No one likes missing a payment on their home. Contact me
before that happens. I can help you.

Foreclosures quadrupled in the $750-799 range. 30x the amount if
over $1M, just since Q208!

Add short sales and we are well over 50% of all sales are
somehow “distressed.”

Condos are off 50.6 % in sales since 07 and 30% off from 08.

$200K-299K market down -34.8% from Q208. Foreclosures as %
of sales = 31.8%.

Rate of decline slowed and Under $200K – 5035 homes in Q2,
more than last year!

June sales down only 12.5%, lower than June 08.

Possibility or probability? Which do you prefer?

My data is better than the other agent’s data. People are getting
tired of opinions, they want the facts.

So those are the freshest details from Q22009 – look for more detailed analysis and some videos in the coming days…

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