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Intown Atlanta’s Market Profile


I have the latest stats from Chartmaster Chuck for Intown Atlanta and I’m throwing up a map slide so that we can engage on what’s Intown and what’s not Intown, in my opinion.

My broker pays for these killer stats presentations and quite a few of our agents use them everyday. If you saw the reports that I was buying for myself last year, then you can see that what Shaun Rawls is buying for his agents who work “Intown” is quite simply the best stats presentation available.

Let me know if you want to see them…

Chartmaster Chuck keeps outdoing himself!

Intown Atlanta Market profile

However, the map above indicates that area 53 and area 32 – greater Grant Park and Ormewood Park, east Atlanta Village and the unincorporated areas southeast of the city limits, arguably a few of the hottest Intown neighborhoods, are not part of these stats.

The area of West End to Colllege Park is included.

I think that the missing 53 and 32 should be in the next report.

I think that area 31, The West End to College Park, is one of the most depressed markets in the United States, and until the decommissioning of Fort McPherson happens in 2012, nothing will lift over there.

I think that throws off the gorgeous magic of this particular set of second quarter 2009 Intown Atlanta real estate statistics.

Stay tuned for a ton of new information in the next few weeks and a few videos that will drop in 2 weeks.

Thanks for the cool reports, Shaun and Chuck – I’ve got the market area details reports to work with, so I’m good for now!

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