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How Big of a Funk Are We In?


That’s the logo of my real estate agency practice at Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta.

I think it’s funky.

Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta is the #1 real estate brokerage office in the entire state of Georgia for dollars sold this year!

That’s beyond funky.

My real estate brokerage is a 10 year old whiz kid centrally located in Sandy Springs and Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta is lead by Shaun Rawls, Jeri Moran, and Steve Kout.

It’s a tremendous “place to work” and those three are all very funky.

And, they let me co-brand and build my own unique Intown Atlanta and Decatur practice all within the safe confines of a smartly run brokerage.

And, they let me call it The Rootdown Group.

That’s a funky one.

I can thank Greg Ruis, The Pricemaster, for also being the Chief Logo Officer at The Rootdown Group.

He spent about 6 months coming up with our funky logo.

I wish that he would blog, but he doesn’t blog…yet.

So, instead of collaborative blogging with my Business Partner, Greg Ruis, a massive consumer of blog content, yet not a writer of blog content, yes, that Greg Ruis…

…instead of collaborating with Greg, I’m forced to collaborate with the one and only Bootsy Collins on Twitter.

Now, he’s funky. He’s from the Mothership of Funk.

He proves that you can not fake the funk.


The following collaboration occurred on Twitter last week:

I asked, “@Bootsy_Collins How big of a funk are we in?”
Bootsy responded: “@intowninsider I’ve got the biggest funk around! Bootsy Baby!”
I asked Bootsy a follow up question: “@Bootsy_Collins I know you’ve got the biggest funk around, but how do we measure the funk?”
Bootsy replied: “@intowninsider they haven’t found out N E thing that matches the size in order to measure. Bootsy Baby!”

It’s my funkiest moment yet.

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