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#2 in Intown Atlanta Means That We Try Harder

Keller Williams Realty continues to rank number 2 in total sales of Condos, Townhomes and Single Family Detached Residences across Intown Atlanta.

Have you noticed how solid KW has become in just 10 years?

If you think it’s because of the special Kool-Aid that we drink, then you should try some.

Top 5 Atlanta Intown Atlanta real estate Brokerages

Thanks to professionals like The Red Robin Group, Matura Homes, the C Group, Chuck and Marshall, Rick Hale, Rob Damman, and lots of other cool agency teams who work for KW’s Intown market centers, KW has done a remarkable thing with it’s Intown presence in just 10 years.

Look at Solid Source as an up and coming #5, up against Dorsey Alston, the remarkable Sanctuary, the stalwart Nine Mile Trolley, the always good Realsource, 14 West, Sotheby’s, Jenny Pruitt is still in business too … you name the boutique agency and you’ll find quite a few solid agents. There are too many good real estate agents Intown to mention them all.

CB and HN have fallen consistently for years, but they have some dominant agents in some submarkets, like Vijay Patel and Patty Junger and Travis Reed.

Altogether, check the activity, check the references, listen to the stories and you’ll find a large cadre of real estate professionals Intown who see structure, stability and strength in the Intown neighborhoods.

Just like we do at Rootdown.

We are charter members at Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta, and we get a lot of our strength from our association with this classy outfit.

This office chartered in 1999, the first KW market center in Georgia and the #1 performing real estate brokerage office in all of metro Atlanta this Summer.

There are certainly street by street, school district by school district, immediate neighbor by immediate neighbor comparisons to be made, but if you select the right realtor, then you know that you won’t have reasons to lose sleep at night on one of our lovely Intown streets…

At Rootdown, we can help you with cash investing, first time home buying, FHA financed purchases for up to $358000, mortgage financed purchases at all price points, selling all types of property, complicated flips, smartly staged showhomes, condos, lofts and townhomes and lots of them, site selection, construction and design projects with land, and lots of other simple stuff like opening lockboxes, doing market analysis and engaging in snappy conversation.

Intown is where it’s at for the next two decades – the suburbs will not see the demand that we will see in Intown Atlanta and Decatur for employed people under the age of 40 – those people will want to live in our best Intown school districts and neighborhoods and they will want to commute as little as possible.

Stay tuned for the latest intown charts in our forthcoming posts, or go back and read some old posts and make comments.

Remember this one called “My Card Says Real Estate Agent, Not Fortune Teller” from last week – here’s 3 highlights:

* June stats=30277 actives, 3125 sold, 9.7 months supply

* Correctly priced = 96.8% of list and sold in 24 days on market.

* Of the 41 sold out of 100, 31 only sold with a reduction, therefore 90 out of 100 listings are overpriced.

Will KW ever become #1 over Re/Max in Intown Atlanta? Agent populations have shifted and shrunk recently, so I say give it another 10 years and we’ll see if Solid Source is a true player, and if Re/max’s business model is still as popular as it has been since the 1970’s…


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  2. Lee says:

    Dear Under One Percent,

    You can not spell, you can not construct sentences and the purpose of your comment is self-serving. Regardless, you must be awesome at what you do!

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