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Intown Atlanta Real Estate Update 2009

The remarkable Nate Dorn joins me again, this time on a video trek into the wilds of 30316.

I report on the market stats through June 2009.

Nate films it, and this time we went green. Regardless of how we lighten the tone of modern day real estate agency videomaking, the market offers a heavy message.

Sellers – you are failing at a rate of 70% of all listings. No sale. Get your prices down to meet demand. The Rootdown Group would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business as your Listing Agent, if you need help with a sale in the coming months.

Buyers – $358,000 goes a long way today for a primary residence. FHA funding in Atlanta is helping to stabilize prices in the low price ranges. Expect submarket activity spikes later this year – expect a price spike with it. Expect sellers to improve their numbers and to gain balance in some submarkets. Expect to buy extra low in many markets, still. Just remember, you are making a primary residence choice and it’s more about lifestyle than real estate moneymaking. It’s more about being around good neighbors, most of the time. In 2010 and beyond, expect that real estate won’t bubble again, until the next technology wave – 2023-2030. Expect price stability. Stability alone is terrific isn’t it? Regardless, only expect this if you bought in the right neighborhood, on the right street, for the right price.

If you want to hire the right Realtor for Intown Atlanta and Decatur, then hire The Rootdown Group.

Here’s our greenest video yet…


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