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15 Ways to Reduce Real Estate Agent Suction

Carl Medford is one of the top real estate agents in the East Bay area of greater San Francisco – he’s a terrific writer and his recent post on Trulia Voices offers a nice list of fifteen “under-spoken” but downright necessary things that most Sellers never hear from their agents.


I spend quite a bit of quality time on Trulia Voices, almost every day, and Carl’s post, and some of the 40+ comments, inspired me to make a comment…here’s what I said:


I can tell that you are a wise and seasoned sales professional-you have a matter of fact style that never goes out of style.

Writing a post on Trulia that generates this much buzz is pretty nifty, but doing what you and I do everyday is even niftier.

To the few haters who commented – look, you punks and pretenders are only as good as your NEXT sale – sellers and agents included. Every one of the 15 “things” is mega-valid.

There are nuances and there are subtleties to each and every one, but Carl put them out there in such an easy to digest and easy to comprehend way, and for that he is light years ahead of most agents.

Here’s my worldview – most agents in Atlanta suck.


Furthermore, most Atlanta sellers are grossly deceived.

Probably close to the same status everywhere else, but here’s Atlanta’s recent statistic to back up this “suction” – 70 out of 100 Atlanta listings fail to sell during their listing period. The number should come down a little this year and once we get the second quarter stats we will know for sure, but a large portion of that 70 is guilty of appointment only, pet odor, no lockbox, no virtual tour, etc. foolishness.

Price is of course the primary problem, and the primary reason that most listing agents suck.

It’s the agents who can’t even keep their signs erect who are usually my first clue that a house won’t sell…

Carl’s 15 statements are 15 ways to reduce agent suction!


As for the frustrated seller or two who longs for something other than the cold, hard reality of the real estate agency business today, just remember that hope is not a strategy.

Carl is a strategist and his long, hard work days are loaded with proactive and diligent client-focused sales tactics.

At the same time, he needs to generate and convert sales leads everyday-anyone who is in the agency business to stay must be a salesperson first and foremost.

Carl- you rock. I will remember you for Fremont referrals. Thanks for writing up the list!

Intown Insider readers – make sure that you are getting into the dialogue at Trulia Voices, and if you need a great agent in Fremont, CA, then Carl is the man!


  1. Great post! Thanks!

  2. Loren Hoa says:

    Thanks for the info! I found it on Google What other types of work do you do?

  3. Lee says:

    Obviously, I don’t do enough blogging. Glad that you liked my article on how agents mostly suck.

  4. Lee says:

    Roger that, Waylon!

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