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The 5 Stages of Seller Grief

My Keller Williams Realty team Leader, Steve Kout, sent me the “5 Stages of Seller Grief” last week and here they are, with a slight twist on the psychiatric graph above…

Denial –My house is different.

Anger –My agent does not know what they are talking about.

Bargaining –Let’s try it at my price and see what happens.

Depression –My price did not work and my agent should have talked me out of it.

Acceptance –My value has gone down, and I need to just do whatever it takes.

There’s always a slight twist with real estate matters, so in the case of the most common form of Seller Grief, after the anger at an agent subsides, they are driven to bargain and chase the market, fueled by hope as the primary sales strategy…all of this sturm und drang prior to eventual depression.

I just read an old Tibetan Proverb – “YOU CAN NOT DISCOVER NEW OCEANS, UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE SITE OF THE SHORE…” I found it as this web site –, because I decided to google search for the term “good grief.”

That’s what Charlie Brown always said when he was forlorn or disappointed, so “good grief” must exist. There must be some good, in grief.

I suggest that any Seller who wants to discover new horizons and to open new destinies in their life, must be willing to go through some grief. Getting to acceptance with a grounded, informed approach is the only way out!

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