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Is Kirkwood a Safe Neighborhood?

This is another post adapted from one of my “Trulia Voices” answers – I certainly write enough online, and I write enough meaningful content in my email communications with clients, everyday, so the discipline of choosing one good post a day isn’t that difficult. The proof will be in my consistency.

So, someone asked – is Kirkwood, my neighborhood, a safe neighborhood?

Well, I live on an island in the middle of Kirkwood… I’ve lived here for 5 years. My wife and I are raising our young daughter here, and we join hundreds of other families in Kirkwood who are here doing the same thing.

In addition, hundreds of people have lived in Kirkwood for decades and crime is always a concern-check out some other Trulia Voices Q&A on crime, and you’ll see that this subject arises about Kirkwood and other Intown Atlanta neighborhoods, frequently.

Yeah, so my island is called Hawthorn Park-a 47 home community of recently built houses with a lovely 6 acre park next to it.

Before I lived in Kirkwood, I lived in APD Police Zone 6, in Inman Park. Zone 6 HQ is in Kirkwood, so I began visiting the neighborhood back in 1998. Kirkwood has way less crime than we did back then, and for 2 years we have had a terrific citizen run Security Patrol that adds about 25 hours of uniformed patrolling a week, in addition to the 2 police beat officers that patrol the area, 24×7.

That being said, we have our share of crime. If you live in the city limits, you are 4x more likely to be a crime victim than if you do not.

Start there.

Is Kirkwood safe? Well, let’s look at it like I do when I’m advising my clients-qualifying a Kirkwood purchase starts with understanding that your Kirkwood purchase requires a street by street, immediate neighbor by immediate neighbor evaluation. Choose the right house. Once you purchase, choose to be practical with basic, smart security.


Is Kirkwood “safe?”

Well, we had a storm 3 weeks ago that ripped down some old growth trees and if you were standing underneath one of those trees, then you were certainly in an “unsafe” part of Kirkwood that night.

We barely had one crime on my island in 5 years and it happened back in September.

Barely-some dudes tried to break in to what they thought was a vacant house, but my neighbor was inside. He screamed like a girl, and they scrammed.

Safety is relative.

For those who are concerned, well, there is always the suburbs, featuring a united nations of gangs, drunken yuppies on golf carts, Whitney Houston behind the wheel of an Escalade, steroid fueled rednecks, and murder/suicides on a much grander scale than us boring old Intowners can possibly create.

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