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Avoid the Pusherman

Supply follows demand. So true, now and forevermore and since time began.

A British comedian named Peter Serafinowicz captures an all too real situation in this video – the pushy real estate agent…creating demand. Watch:

I find this funny, but I’ve always been a madcap zany from the Benny Hill and Monty Python school of sledgehammering, rhetorical comedy…call me if I’m losing you.

I can’t say that I’ve found the recent months, after declining recent real estate sales months, since June 2007 to be very funny, but sometimes, humor gets me through.

More importantly, the following statements from Steve Palm, our FMLS numbers guru, get me through and I expect that some of you will like what he has to say in his May 21, 2009 letter.

Encouraging unless you are a condo, loft or townhome buyer, or seller:

“…The average closed sale price for single family attached in April was $144,164. This is a decline of 21.5% from the same year ago period and the lowest average monthly closed sale price since January 2000. There may be a lot of new construction condo units going to auction in 2009, putting additional pressure on condo prices to decline…”

On a more positive note, he does state this prediction:

“…May is now a key month, as I am expecting to see our first year-to-year increase in homes going under contract, which we have not seen in a very long time…”

So buyers – just don’t go out like a sucker, because the pusherman is out there, waiting for the uninformed, and the easily led real estate buyer.

Don’t let the Pusherman get you!

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