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The Real Estate Blog Brawl, Round 2: Because I’m Housin’

We mentioned last week that we have been honored with the opportunity to compete in the Virginia Association of Realtor’s Nationwide, 3d annual Blog Brawl.

We also featured a ZZ Top video. It may be worth a look, even today.

But, it’s a new week. Now, we are now in the second round. We are honored to be here!

When I woke up today, I thought to myself, what would I do if I had to step up in an elevator pitch debate against my Round 2 competition, Matt Dollinger?

Here’s where that led me…

Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith, collectively known as Brookwood, NY’s own EPMD, wrote the following poem as part of their 1988 breakthrough hit, I’m Housin’.

“…I come on strong, like a bodybuilder

Cast a spell upon a sucker, like that witch Matilda

Deliver a rhyme like Federal Express

My intention’s not to dis, but only to impress…”

That’s how I’m thinking about Blog Brawl Round 2. Are ya feelin’ me?

This blogsite, , is seeded second in the nationwide Real Estate BLOG BRAWL Round Two, Zone 2B – #2 vs.#6. Please vote for us before Tuesday at 8:59 am! We want to make it to the Elite 8!

Thanks to all who voted so far!

Click here to vote before 8:59am tomorrow, Tuesday March 24 – thank you for keeping us in the game!

We are housin’ today.

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