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Intown Insider Video: 4th Quarter Market Stats

Here are a few housecleaning issues from “behind the scenes” at The Intown Insider.

I said it in my first blog post.

Now I’m calling him out.

#1 – Greg, “Mr. I Know Atlanta” Ruis, The Pricemaster, my Business Partner, is getting to be a real wanker when it comes to actually blogging and being a part of Greg, you need to get out from behind the scenes and you need to start working that cool blog post vacuum of yours and get busy contributing to this website or else I am going to find someone who can do it for you.

#2 – Rev. Bubba – you are the brains of this outfit.

I will get you that photo of The Village People that we are going to use for our service providers link, by tomorrow. I’ll let you know if I win the REtech South video contest, and maybe you can join me on Friday up there at that fancy Sugarloaf meeting place, if I win you that free pass. Word?

#3 – Thanks to Nate Dorn at Dornstar TV for the on site video work at the Georgia State Capitol Gateway vacant grassland. Another quarterly video down. Well done. Thou doth rock.

I hope y’all liked the video. We hope that it’s a refreshing change of pace for you and we hope that it’s insightful.


  1. Richard Leitner says:

    Great information :)

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