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Blog Brawl, Round 3 – Sun Tzu says…

Ines Hegedus-Garcia commented on my post from yesterday.

You know, in the online world, comments are one way to really know if people care about what you believe in – and, online, you better believe in what you are writing because all of the marketing doublespeak guru types are talking about “transparency” and “authenticity” and “community” and “social media” and issues of grand import and significance that matter, matter, matter in the world of “web 2.0.” They are well intended, yet for the most part, speaking to the amateurs.

What really matters is that I just met the best Real Estate team in Miami and she just met the best Real Estate team in Intown Atlanta, in the past week, and now we can refer business to one another henceforth and forevermore, and that is truly enriching.

What was Ines doing on this website? Well, she and I are competing in the Virginia Association of Realtors nationwide BLOG BRAWL in round 3. is seeded second in a field of 8 –, her website is seeded fifth and the votes close at 8:59 am tomorrow morning, Friday March 27, 2009. The winner moves on the the final 4, probably to compete against one of the best and the brightest of all real estate bloggers, Jay Thompson.

I said this about Jay just 2 weeks ago: Ladies and gentlemen,  Jay Thompson, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy is a digital upperclassman and he speaks the lingua franca of the world wide web. And, he remains humble…

Here’s what Ines wrote:

Hey Lee – I just read your description of Miamism “Somehow, we are the #2 seed right now, and lo and behold we are competing with the internationally recognized and broadly lauded, We are certainly the challenger here!” – WOW!! just with that I’m a winner – thank you!! Best of Luck with Blog Brawl!! and you have a friend in Miami.

Now, we all have incredible tasks ahead of us in 2009 and beyond as real estate licensees – brokers and agents. And, if you are in the Blog Brawl, and if you are a pure, hyperlocal real estate broker or agent, then you connect your real estate license to your blogging and your online “marketing” - the quality and the quantity, the frequency and the accuracy, the good, the bad and the ugly. All of those impact how often you will deploy your real estate license and how often you will earn the business of others, because we really do have businesses that generate “met” and “haven’t met” sales leads, in many ways from having a blog that attracts interested hyperlocal consumers.

We are all cool like that, and I promise no more marketing doublespeak!

My favorite quote from Sun Tzu, the Chinese military philosopher that I began studying in my US Army ROTC classes at Furman University in 1985, is this:

“To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.”

And, one more: “the good fighter is able to secure himself against defeat, but can not make certain of defeating the enemy.”

So, regardless of my use of the word “enemy,” I am not superficial enough to call Ines my “enemy.” However, we are pitted against one another in a very fun and very informative contest, and we will both walk away from the contest at 8:59 am tomorrow undefeated…but, I want to win.


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