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Eating The Big Fish Since 2004

I'm a voracious reader, particularly of business and marketing books. I also have an affinity for military, geopolitical and trend books - I like authors who look ahead, who think boldly and who sometimes make grand statements. I like authors who inspire the "challenger" in me. Right now, my favorite author is my lovely wife, Laura Davis-Taylor, who self-published a very successful, niche marketing book called Lighting Up The Aisle in 2007. That little book paid some of the bills last year, so how can it not be my favorite? Laura operates a "challenger brand." Adam Morgan may not have coined the term, but he has captured the marketing zeitgeist of challengers, studied challengers and absorbed a ton of knowhow with the successes and failures of challengers over the past 2 decades. Laura inspires many, many people, and she is the challenger in every game that she plays - she's on the bleeding edge of strategic digital out of home marketing, and I wake up every day … [Read more...]