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Respect the Old School – Knowledge Transfer at RETech South 2009


I've spent a lot of the day with super Trulia Voice, Deborah Madey from New Jersey. I'm not saying that she's old, but just like me, she's old school. Deborah is extremely cool. I also got to see lots of other old school playas like Dave Jenks, Shaun Rawls, Brenda Richterkessing and the founders of RETech South, Matt Fagioli and Brad Nix. All relevant, and all looking for an edge. But, she made a trip from New Jersey, of all places. I learned so much about Trulia mastery from her, and from Trulia's social guru, New Jersey's own Rudy Bachraty. I met a lot of new school playas like Nicole and Reggie Nicolay and Mary McKnight. They all offer incredible, web savvy knowledge to their constituents daily and I'm blessed to be in their networks. I'm looking to grow The Rootdown Group for the next 20 years, and we are about to celebrate our 5th anniversary as an active, full-time practice. Looking ahead, we will respect the old school, tried and true tactics of great customer … [Read more...]