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Just Like I Told Ya – The Intown Atlanta Urban Heat Island


I'm killing two blog birds with one stone here. I promised a follow up story to the very brief "downtown Atlanta tornado" post that I completed on March 19th last year. It was something else, let me tell ya. This is the coolest photo that I've seen of the event. Vine City got hit first, then the GA Dome, then downtown, then O4W, then Cabbagetown, then it skipped I20 and devoured a nice swath of EATL. We are blessed in Kirkwood that it went south just before it got to Tower Liquors at Memorial and Moreland. Are ya feelin' me? I also promised a follow up story on "Urban Heat Islands" that I promised in my "What's Hotter Than Georgia Asphalt?" post dated December 2007. So, lets tie these into a neat package - WIRED magazine's Science section reported on March 13 that "Urban Sprawl, Climate Change Fueled Atlanta Tornado." "...Just a few days earlier, a few mild storms had doused parts of northeast Georgia and Atlanta. Evaporation from that rainfall produced the … [Read more...]

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day – The Annual Music Video Jubilation

Last year, I chose Ireland's mighty THIN LIZZY, HORSLIPS, and U2 (with B.B. King) as the choice videos. I can't enough Thin Lizzy, so here's the first Irish choice for 2009 - you can not get a better Irish classic - "Whiskey in the Jar." Next, the amazing guitarist Rory Gallagher. Irish dudes just get the soul thing down. Look at how fluidly he plays the blues. Here's "Walk On Hot Coals." So, Irish soul. Van Morrison. "St. Dominic's Preview." I drank two black and tans and a Rubi's Irish Car Bomb on the rooftop at Six Feet Under in Grant Park, gently, all before 2pm. I feel like a champ. Rock on everyone. … [Read more...]