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Intown Insider Video: Lakewood’s Butterfly Effect, 9 Years Later


$39,000.00. My listing. 9 years ago. Lakewood...the "Holistic Health Oasis." I decided to drive down Meador Avenue this morning. Before I got too comfortable in front of 1892 Meador Avenue - 30315, a City of Atlanta Police officer stopped by, at the early stage of my little morning rainstorm video shoot and checked to see what I was up to. That was cool - "community policing," baby! I am glad that I carry a handgun in an area like Lakewood, but 9 years ago, I did not even think about the need to "be prepared" in Lakewood. Lakewood was "up and coming." Watch the video - I sold that house as the Listing Agent in 2000, for the full price of $39,000.00. I sold it to a cash buyer. The "unrepresented" buyer took this house, and a few others, and created cash wealth, fairly quickly - just a few years. He sold the property to a family member, financed about $100,000 and as of about 1 year ago, walked away from any responsibility for the asset, from what I can tell. He … [Read more...]