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Ready for the Real Estate Blog Brawl?


I am. Will 100 of you please go to this link and nominate to compete against 30 other real estate blogs in the Virginia Association of Realtors annual, national Blog Brawl? We would love you for it. We seek significance, even in our blog infancy. Full disclosure - I just nominated The Phoenix Real Estate Guy. The Phoenix Real Estate Guy, is, as I called Hanan Levin, and as I called Scott Hagedorn, a digital upperclassman. Ladies and gentlemen,  Jay Thompson, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy is a digital upperclassman and he speaks the lingua franca of the world wide web. Please nominate us instead of him. He will get plenty of nominations! If Jay doesn't win this year, then somebody better be way, way, way more skilled, more honest and better researched than The Phoenix Real Estate Guy. Lookin' good Mr. Digital Upperclassman, Jay Thompson. … [Read more...]