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Blog Brawl – Final 4 Voting – The Losers Leave Town


I just placed my 2 votes in the 2 contests that pit the Final 4 against one another. did not make it to the next round, and neither did The Phoenix Real Estate Guy! We both prepare for 2010 - better, stronger, faster! Regardless, you should vote here. Be nice, unlike these uncivilized socialists with too much time on their hands on their particular election day! … [Read more...]

Blog Brawl, Round 3 – Sun Tzu says…


Ines Hegedus-Garcia commented on my post from yesterday. You know, in the online world, comments are one way to really know if people care about what you believe in - and, online, you better believe in what you are writing because all of the marketing doublespeak guru types are talking about "transparency" and "authenticity" and "community" and "social media" and issues of grand import and significance that matter, matter, matter in the world of "web 2.0." They are well intended, yet for the most part, speaking to the amateurs. What really matters is that I just met the best Real Estate team in Miami and she just met the best Real Estate team in Intown Atlanta, in the past week, and now we can refer business to one another henceforth and forevermore, and that is truly enriching. What was Ines doing on this website? Well, she and I are competing in the Virginia Association of Realtors nationwide BLOG BRAWL in round 3. is seeded second in a field of 8 - … [Read more...]

Eating The Big Fish Since 2004

I'm a voracious reader, particularly of business and marketing books. I also have an affinity for military, geopolitical and trend books - I like authors who look ahead, who think boldly and who sometimes make grand statements. I like authors who inspire the "challenger" in me. Right now, my favorite author is my lovely wife, Laura Davis-Taylor, who self-published a very successful, niche marketing book called Lighting Up The Aisle in 2007. That little book paid some of the bills last year, so how can it not be my favorite? Laura operates a "challenger brand." Adam Morgan may not have coined the term, but he has captured the marketing zeitgeist of challengers, studied challengers and absorbed a ton of knowhow with the successes and failures of challengers over the past 2 decades. Laura inspires many, many people, and she is the challenger in every game that she plays - she's on the bleeding edge of strategic digital out of home marketing, and I wake up every day … [Read more...]

The Real Estate Blog Brawl, Round 2: Because I’m Housin’

We mentioned last week that we have been honored with the opportunity to compete in the Virginia Association of Realtor's Nationwide, 3d annual Blog Brawl. We also featured a ZZ Top video. It may be worth a look, even today. But, it's a new week. Now, we are now in the second round. We are honored to be here! When I woke up today, I thought to myself, what would I do if I had to step up in an elevator pitch debate against my Round 2 competition, Matt Dollinger? Here's where that led me... Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith, collectively known as Brookwood, NY's own EPMD, wrote the following poem as part of their 1988 breakthrough hit, I'm Housin'. "...I come on strong, like a bodybuilder Cast a spell upon a sucker, like that witch Matilda Deliver a rhyme like Federal Express My intention's not to dis, but only to impress..." That's how I'm thinking about Blog Brawl Round 2. Are ya feelin' me? This blogsite, , is seeded … [Read more...]

Intown Atlanta Seller Perception is at Historically Low Levels


The median of Sales Prices as a percentage of Original List Prices has continued lower, and is at historically low levels. This decline began in 4Q 2007, and is a fairly clear reflection of the many problems inside the “gap” between buyers and sellers in the Intown Atlanta and Decatur residential real estate market. The day to day stultification can perhaps best be summarized in the “not in my neighborhood, not on my street” effect that Zillow described in a few articles last year. Yeah, and as the Mother of All Intown Atlanta Real Estate Charts reveals, 70 out of 100 Intown Atlanta and Decatur sellers FAIL TO SELL! The slower market environment forces Sellers to negotiate away a growing portion of original listing prices, and that negotiation leads to more than just financial pain, blues, misery and woe. Time, and the quality and value of time, is crushed. The fact that a property is not priced to be “in” the market, but merely “on” the market is … [Read more...]

Respect the Old School – Knowledge Transfer at RETech South 2009


I've spent a lot of the day with super Trulia Voice, Deborah Madey from New Jersey. I'm not saying that she's old, but just like me, she's old school. Deborah is extremely cool. I also got to see lots of other old school playas like Dave Jenks, Shaun Rawls, Brenda Richterkessing and the founders of RETech South, Matt Fagioli and Brad Nix. All relevant, and all looking for an edge. But, she made a trip from New Jersey, of all places. I learned so much about Trulia mastery from her, and from Trulia's social guru, New Jersey's own Rudy Bachraty. I met a lot of new school playas like Nicole and Reggie Nicolay and Mary McKnight. They all offer incredible, web savvy knowledge to their constituents daily and I'm blessed to be in their networks. I'm looking to grow The Rootdown Group for the next 20 years, and we are about to celebrate our 5th anniversary as an active, full-time practice. Looking ahead, we will respect the old school, tried and true tactics of great customer … [Read more...]