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Intown Insider Video – Taxation Demands Representation

Just yesterday, I realized that after just 16 days of Twitter usage, I’m not watching the national television news as much.

I don’t have to do so, because The Phoenix Real Estate Guy takes on that arduous task for me, and then he tweets it.

That’s right, he tweets it.

So, he wrote a terrific post about the “political football” that is Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson’s brainchild. Or at least he “hiked the political football.”

Regardless, read the latest at the excellent website of The Phoenix Real Estate Guy.

He’s good.

Oh, and the video was done 2 days ago, and it’s already dated. Regardless, my primary point is about the action that I must take as an Atlanta homeowner, a Dekalb taxpayer and that is about appealing my $50,000 of extra valuation on my little house in Kirkwood.

I’ll write another post before the weekend and describe the steps that we must take if we are going to get a property tax appeal completed by March 2, the deadline in Dekalb.

Make today an amazing day, regardless of what the national news tell you!


  1. Jay Thompson says:

    Thanks for the kind words! This whole stimulus thing has been an interesting flip-floppy thing to follow!

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