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Intown Atlanta Overtaxation Demands Your Own Representation

Don't Tread On Me

Based on what Dekalb County tells me, I need to do the following to appeal a difference of about $50,000 in between the City of Atlanta and Dekalb County Tax assessor's valuation, and the actual market value of my house today. If I feel that the Property Appraisal Department has assigned an "inappropriate value," then I need to file a "tax return" with their office between January 2d and March 1st stating what I believe to be fair market value. Since I don't know what a "tax return" in Dekalb County is exactly, I'm going to the Property Appraisal Department office on Monday morning and I'm gonna get busy. Apparently a "tax return" by their definition indicates the value of the property. For instance, I'll indicate that I finished my basement last year, acknowledging some level of value addition. I'm required by law to do so. There are 4 reasons to file a tax return: 1. if I make improvements of additions to my property 2. if I want to appeal the fair market value of my … [Read more...]