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My First Blog Post


This is not my first blog post, really. My first public blog post, dated January 1, 2008, the post that celebrated the birth of the Intown Insider was a video post with a 1964 Rolling Stones Rice Krispies Commercial. But this is my first blog post of a long term campaign. In the past 90 to 120 days, the world has grown weary. We've all assumed some of the realities of a "bunker mentality" at every level of economic and social strata. At the same time, transformational change is upon us, and I've discovered many, many new resources and points of leverage that will grow the market share of The Rootdown Group. I will be posting a lot about Intown Atlanta real estate market statistics. I am engaged across many parts of the internet daily, but probably the most interesting place to find me and my thoughts is on Trulia . I am the #1 Trulia Voice in Atlanta, and to date, since December 12, 2007, I've answered 350 different questions about Atlanta area real estate issues. … [Read more...]