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Top Ten Reasons Why I Did Not Blog Since Veteran’s Day

10. My Mother In Law was here for 10 days around Thanksgiving
9. My Mother In Law’s “seeing eye dog,” Davey was also here
8. Saint Audrey the Nanny got the flu, thereby making my primary job “Mr. Mom”
8. Then, I got the flu 2 weeks ago
7. Then, my wife got the flu
6. Now my 10 month old daughter has the flu
5. I have been made rather speechless by the overwhelming shitstorm of negativity and appalling pain, blues and agony in Washington D.C., Mumbai, Detroit, Chicago, etc. etc. etc.
4. I wanted to soak my weary body in the positive “ch-ch-ch-changes” that are upon us
3. I threw a kickass 40th birthday party for my lovely wife Laura back on November 15th – I was the DJ, so I needed to get my mind right, obtain the necessary grooviness and execute flawless Old Wavery
2. I have been doing a lot of thinking about the next 20 years, and I’m not caught up in the “day to day”
1. I’ve decided that Seth Godin is right – the personal blog is dead

That being said, like Seth suggests, this blogging game is all about starting and continuing a “conversation that spreads” and “sharing ideas” and “chronicling my thinking.”

So far, since January 1, I’ve posted 141 times, I still have 12 “drafts” awaiting the light of a publishing date and I’ve got a few more to round out 2008, my first full year of “blogging.”

Greg Ruis will join me as a contributor here in the coming days, and his perspectives and findings will be a welcome addition to this website. Until the next post, I encourage you to contemplate this definition of that word I just used, “shitstorm.” Is there a better, more succinct definition for the macroeconomic world at large than “shitstorm?”

Shitstorm – A course of action that would appear to lead to a good outcome, but when undertaken, leads to a situation that is utterly out of control beyond human comprehension.
“Instead of being over in a weekend, project Iraqi Freedom turned out to be a shitstorm.”
Here’s how I’ll use the word – “Every time I see a real estate sign leaning over, every time I witness the stupidity of lazy real estate agents, every time I come across some tacky real estate marketing campaign that overwhelms me with laughter, every time I see 7 out of 10 Atlanta Sellers fail at listing and selling their properties, I think to myself, my, what¬†a¬†shitstorm.”
I’ll compete in this shitstorm all day long.

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