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The Biggest Enemy of Change

Seth Godin, in his new book “Tribes – We Need You To Lead Us” makes a huge, timely point on page 119.

Seth states: “The largest enemy of change and leadership isn’t a “no.” It’s a “not yet.”

The statement serves as a valid basis for how to look at what happens this week. Because, this week seems to have true “turning point” change potential for the United States of America.

This week could have true “turning point” change potential for many individuals too, way beyond the “exogenous” treasury and commerce factors that I brought up last week. Unfortunately for us individuals, the person selected to be the President of the United States of America for the next 4 years happens to be one of the exogenous factors that will mix up and affect our lives.

Many Intown Atlanta real estate purchasers, particularly first time buyers, can decide that this is the week that will be their turning point. It’s a key week for momentum as a purchaser because if you decide to make up your mind this week, to make up your mind to become a property owner, then maybe you can own real estate, your very own place, before the end of 2008.

Back to the exogenous… a significant “turning point” for the United States doesn’t mean that a third party candidate will get elected to be the President of the United States, which many of you know would truly delight me. What I think that it means is that the catalyst for a more positive geopolitical, environmental and fiscal change is eminent. That catalyst is in the form of the next president of the United States. That catalyst – who the President is – is merely symbolism over substance, but the symbolism of the day to day efforts of a bright, clear-minded President, with a sound team of well-organized people who share his worldview, with a mandate from the voters, that symbolism really matters right now.

The alternative, the status quo, the cronyism, the brainlessness, the greed, the current state of affairs - really sucks.

American citizens…at least the half of them that vote, are quite aware of the stakes here in the fourth quarter of 2008.

I just happen to believe that one major party candidate is way better than the other one this year, and unlike all of my Presidential votes since 1984, I believe that one of the major candidates would be an enemy of change, and that if he is elected, then Americans would make a “not yet” choice. Therefore, I am compelled to vote for a major party candidate for the first time since 1988.

Since 1992, I’ve voted for either Ross Perot or the Libertarian, so I’m on new turf at the voting booth today.

Nevertheless, I am convinced of my “no” choices today on every part of the ballot, and I wish you the very same confidence as you take the next important steps in your life this week.

I would like to help some Intown Atlanta buyers with conviction this week too! Of course I would, it’s what I love helping people do. Many of you are your own enemies of change, so if you just want to talk things over, I’m happy to have a little question and answer session with you.

For some of you, the time is now.

You need conviction that you can identify and purchase a real estate investment that becomes a “turning point” away from your current status quo in 2008, that you can consider as an investment in 2009 and onward.

Seth also says: “Change almost never fails because it’s too early. It almost always fails because it’s too late.”

When you vote , think of all of the reasons to not vote for the alternative. Think of all of the reasons why the alternative is not worth getting behind. Think of all of the reasons why you are sick and tired of the “same old, same old” that the alternative represents to you.

Then, vote with your “gut instinct.”

Then, think about getting your real estate on this week – it could change your life for the better in a big, big way.

Way, way, way more than your vote for President.

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