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If You Love Your Freedom, Thank A Vet

I can be your favorite veteran today, if you like.

Otherwise, if you know someone who received an “Honorable Discharge” from the United States Armed Forces, then remember them today while you are enjoying your life.

Veteran’s Day is a day of honour.

For the record, you can thank me for your “free flow of oil at market prices.” My 11 months in Saudi Arabia during the Logistician’s War, Operation Desert Storm preserved cheap gas for all of you Hummer drivers in the suburbs reading this.

Ahhh… the air South of the Fertile Crescent in 1990-1991 was always so refreshing…

My message to you on behalf of The Rootdown Group in the waning days of 2008 is “move Intown, and sell your Hummer.” If you seek the help of a professional real estate agent with field grade expertise in Intown Atlanta and Decatur who is a trained logistician, then give me a call!

This next paragragh about logisticians parallels today’s real estate mission in an apt way. What do I mean by that? I mean that there are far too few Intown Atlanta real estate agents dealing in facts today and their numbers, and their practices and their languishing unsold inventories prove it.

Read on..

…Logisticians are a sad and embittered race of men who are very much in demand in war, and who sink resentfully into obscurity in peace. They deal only in facts, but must work for men who merchant in theories. They emerge during war because war is very much a fact. They disappear in peace because peace is mostly theory. The people who merchant in theories, and who employ logisticians in war and ignore them in peace, are generals…”

I’m the Intown Insider now, 13 years after my service as a logistics officer in the United States Army.

Never made it to General…

and I am not sad, nor am I embittered, for the record. Those emotions left me when I got my honorable discharge!

I believe that it is time for a few failed metropolitan Atlanta real estate “generals” to step aside and let a logistician and his team get some real estate on. That will bring more joy to all in this season of uncertainty. These are things that I just know…and I have an honourable record of service to prove it.

In closing, on my website today, please join me in honouring my three favorite fellow United States Army veterans, Faron Young, Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix.

Faron Young – The Hillbilly Heartthrob…The Singing Sheriff…singing young, young Willie’s “Hello Walls.”

Elvis – from the film, GI Blues…

Jimi – a 9:55 Machine Gun with The Band Of Gypsies in 1970. Heavy…

Be all that you can be today. The Rootdown Group is at your service.

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