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“The US Treasury has become the only “customer” that matters…”

Read this 4th quarter forecast from Stratfor, via my friend and weekly advisor, John Mauldin.

John states: “What matters now are the “exogenous” factors: government guarantees of the commercial paper market, currency interventions, direct capital infusions, etc.

John offers a forecast from his friend George Friedman at Stratfor. “George’s team analyzes US government policy as well as the moves that are being taken by central banks and governments around the world as the private sector gets taken public all across the globe.”

I believe that anyone who cares about the Intown Atlanta real estate submarket should care about the “exogenous” or external factors that affect it.

Beyond your neighborhood, there is a geopolitical, military, and macroeconomic quagmire that appears to be insurmountable in some markets, some neighborhoods, some streets.

Companies have gone “poof!” Banks have squandered cash. Governments are getting bigger.

There is an ongoing war on terrorism.

Stratfor offers deep insight into Russia, the Middle East and other parts of the world - the link will take you to a high level intelligence briefing. I think that you will find the update to be a refreshing change of pace from the everyday news that you see on TV, and from the everyday gossip that you hear amongst neighbors.

So, make sure that you click on the slightly delayed 4th quarter forecast and get a better perspective on the rest of the world. As the article states, the US economy started the meltdown – Europe and Asia will give it its legs.

Be conservative and circumspect with your Intown Atlanta real estate decisions, OK? Call me if I can help.


  1. Rev. Bubba says:

    Stratfor is great. I used to have a paid subscription when it was heavily discounted but I found myself drowning in stuff to read. As for their free emails, the insights are as good as they get. It is worth noting that this type of news source rather than the for profit news corps can help you see through the watered down and misrepresented info that we are so complacent about getting.


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