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No One Cares About Me

It does not take very long for Seth Godin to come along with a book nowadays.

I just obtained my copy of his new book Tribes and I’ll be reading it over the next few days. Regardless of his frequency, his books are always on point, always readable and entertaining, and always on my bookshelf.

I just know that after reading the highlights of Tribes, and after watching this video, I believe very truly that no one cares about me.

In the video, Seth answers the question: “Is social networking good for business? If so, what types of businesses?”

The video is hosted at American Express’ Open Forum site, which is loaded with good stuff for small businesses and marketers.

Good marketing matters to me because my daughter expects the utmost professionalism in my real estate practice.

Obviously, the shameless display of cuteness below is just one of my “good marketing” tactics.

Thanks to all of my clients and friends who exchange ideas with me, who refer business to The Rootdown Group and who truly make my world go ’round.

Thanks for going out of your way for me.

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