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Zombie Pet's best reader submittals for "Best Geeky Halloween Costumes."    I am particularly fond of these two photos from the top ten. I am even more particularly fond of tried and true heavy metal gimmickry from Eurometal masters, Helloween. Here's their video, "I Want Out." Please, do not adjust your monitors. Now, to cleanse your palate and to refresh your idealism for the pagan holiday, I present a video from Beverly Hills multi-milionaire, Ozzy Osbourne. Witness his earliest gimmickry (featuring an extra large toothbrush) - this is rare, behind the scenes oddity at a 1970 soundstage with Black Sabbath doing Paranoid. Proto-metal, indeed. I bid you all a very hearty farewell...before I go, wanna know what I think is really scary? 1. The Zillow Third Quarter survey, which concludes that the "Not My House, Not My Neighborhood" effect remains alive and well with residential real estate sellers nationwide 2. The New York Times lead off … [Read more...]

“The US Treasury has become the only “customer” that matters…”


Read this 4th quarter forecast from Stratfor, via my friend and weekly advisor, John Mauldin. John states: "What matters now are the "exogenous" factors: government guarantees of the commercial paper market, currency interventions, direct capital infusions, etc. John offers a forecast from his friend George Friedman at Stratfor. "George's team analyzes US government policy as well as the moves that are being taken by central banks and governments around the world as the private sector gets taken public all across the globe." I believe that anyone who cares about the Intown Atlanta real estate submarket should care about the "exogenous" or external factors that affect it. Beyond your neighborhood, there is a geopolitical, military, and macroeconomic quagmire that appears to be insurmountable in some markets, some neighborhoods, some streets. Companies have gone "poof!" Banks have squandered cash. Governments are getting bigger. There is an ongoing war on … [Read more...]