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A Texan and an Oklahoman Who Know What’s Good For Ya…

Ross Perot and T. Boone Pickens are a couple of self-made billionaires who know what’s good for you.

Ross Perot from Texarkana, Texas - love him or hate him, he is succinct and he is a realist. This chart alone should tell anyone interested in the real estate markets that US citizens – in general – are on a path that will only lead to weakness in our real estate markets! Go to Perot Charts and dig in!

T. Boone Pickens, from Holdenville, Oklahoma – not too far from Texarkana – is a hard working geologist. He became a billionaire in the oil and natural gas business. He is on a personal attack to get the American people in dialogue with their government and our corporations about energy. His website is provocative and timely – go to the Pickens Plan and check it out.


I trust this guy who has been an oilman all his life.                       


And I totally trust this fine Texas gentleman, stepping out here in 1992, away from these two career politicians who’ve managed to make their own personal messes out of careers in “public service.”

Y’all check out the charts!

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