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Property Maps is a new and nifty “national MLS.”

Chris Latko wrote me a few weeks back and asked me to look at his site and I am very, very impressed.

They state that “PropertyMaps is the only map-based real estate search on the Internet that uses real Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data. MLS’ are the databases that are shared by all REALTORS® from coast-to-coast. No other collection of properties even comes close to the millions contained in America’s MLS’.”

Y’all better keep an eye on this.

Now, if Chris and his crew can actually fix what is wrong with a lot of real estate agents, then they can be a category killer…you know – here’s a few things that more than half of all agents just don’t seem to get right:

1. great photos online

2. an erect sign in front of properties for sale

3. mastery of elementary spelling and mathematics

4. the list goes on…how about bad pricing advice?

Keep up the great work Chris, and try to work with only great brokerages and agents if you can!


  1. Chris Latko says:

    Hey, thanks for the write up. We have a few groundbreaking features we’re set to unveil in the near future so stay tuned.

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