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Harsh Judgment for The Intown Insider

A PBR, some RPG's and thou...

A PBR, some RPG's and thou...

 We love The Consumerist. You should too – they are always on point with some nifty thought or pithy commentary or relevant consumer interest story. I don’t love this website like I love my daughter and my wife, but I love The Consumerist, ya dig?

The photo above is what a night in Kirkwood looks like after a hard day of real estate agency work and before bathtime…

So, they asked: “Would you judge a real estate broker by his blog?”

My favorite comment from this insightful post touches on one of my favorite criticisms of real estate agents – many can not spell, construct illustrative sentences with a subject-verb-predicate sequence, or complete basic mathematical equations.

Here is the comment: “While I can’t say a blog would lead me to use someone as my broker, I have definitely already excluded two based on their (awful) writings! Sorry, but if you can’t spell correctly, or even express your thoughts clearly, I don’t want you fighting for my largest investment.”

Y’all holla at The Intown Insider when you need our expertise, OK? Between Greg, Dana and I we are really good at helping folks buy and sell real estate. Over 150 clients since 2004 can’t be wrong…

Nevertheless, if you judge me by my blogging inconsistency, then you just might think I’m a lousy Realtor.

Just know that we are never too busy for any of your referrals and that we would love to have the opportunity to earn your business!

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