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Real Estate Advice for Divorcing Couples 101

I just got to know Alex Golshan with Keller Williams Hollywood Hills, and he, like me has some real estate expertise when it comes to helping people involved in divorce. A lot of the married population will at some point, so it’s an unfortunate reality – look at this chart:

Divorce in the USA

I told my story on this website back in December …

I’ll say it again – Jonathan Laing moved my market back on April 15, 2002. His advice about falling prices, way back then, gave me a lot of perspective in my divorce sale.

Lou and Alex offer a very nice summary on their website about the immediate steps required for a civil agreement when divorce involves real estate assets. Here’s the link to their Divorce and Real Estate Page… 

Here’s a snippet from the article:

“…The disposal of a marital home is one of the largest decisions involved in any divorce. Please consult with your attorney to explore all your options. And please chose a Realtor who has experience working in divorce situation real estate transactions. It’s too important not too…”

If it happens to you in Atlanta, call me.

I have the empathy and the experience (my Broker Nan Ellington told me that I should market myself as a divorce expert).

So, here I am doin’ it.

Sometimes it happens to the nicest people – that sucks.

Sir Paul, etc.

I have the the knowhow to help you make informed real estate decisions and to help your attornies help you establish a civil agreement, on a schedule.

Thanks Alex Golshan – you really know what you are doing.

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